In short, Neurovascular Release is a bodywork system to release stuck tension from nerves and blood vessels. It’s based upon osteopathic methods and is very gentle and effective. When the body experiences injury or trauma (physical, mental or emotional), the nervous system first aims to protect the central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord) […]

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Why I do Tai Chi

September 25, 2020

Teachers at the healing school I was attending in the late 90’s basically demanded that I learn some lower body exercise, like Tai Chi. I had strong legs from all the hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing I’d done, but they didn’t recommend that I simply become stronger. I had developed my strength through will-power, which […]

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Join the VIP Client List!

February 13, 2020

Sometimes I am booked up 3-4 weeks out and it can be hard to make an appointment with me. I’d like to make this easier for you to schedule. Sign up below and I’ll send you an email notice when I have a last-minute appointment cancellation (typically 2-hours to 3 days notice.)

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I Feel Your Pain

February 10, 2016

Pain sucks. I’ve been there. I’ve had pain in my back, neck, shoulders, jaw, hips, knees and feet…to name a few. Some pains have come and gone on their own, but others have been long-time friends.

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Class Date: Monday 3/9/15 6:00-7:00pm While most neck and shoulder tension isn’t debilitating, it can sure sap your energy. Plus, years of this sort of tension can lead to more serious problems. The good news is that it’s never too late to do something about it. In this class, we’ll practice some self-massage and exercises […]

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Event: Healing Back Pain Class in Winthrop, WA

January 20, 2015

Class Date: Monday 1/26/15 5:00-6:00pm Back pain has been the most common concern I have heard from clients in my private practice. In this class, I am going to talk about some of the causes of it and offer a few home practices that can be helpful for back pain. Please RSVP if you’d like […]

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Old-School Mineral Broths for Optimum Fascia Health

April 24, 2014

Whether you lean toward the Paleo or Vegan camp (or somewhere in-between), this article is highly relevant to your health. Across many cultures of the world, including your grand- and great-grandparents, mineral broths were a staple to health. Think of grandma’s chicken soup. Or a slow-cooked thick and rich vegetable soup. Research is showing that […]

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Event: Neck & Shoulder Relief Class in Winthrop, WA

February 12, 2014

This class is back by popular demand! Join us for an evening of gentle and effective exercises to unwind aggravating tension in your neck, shoulders and arms.  

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Event: Healthy Hips & Back Class in Winthrop, WA

January 10, 2014

Join me to explore a variety of gentle and effective exercises to improve how your back and hips feel and move. I’ll guide us through the exercises and you’ll also leave with a hand-out so you can practice them at home as well.

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Event: Love Your Feet! Class in Winthrop, WA

December 5, 2013

Please join me for some fun and effective ways to show your poor doggies some much need TLC. Bring a tennis ball if you have one or purchase one at the class.  

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