Everything You Know About Muscle is Wrong

May 19, 2010

Want to learn how to do push-ups that feel nearly effortless?

Men’s Health has a great article discussing fascia, how it affects you and more efficient ways to exercise your body. It’s several pages long and well worth the read.

Once you’ve read the article, try this:

Stand facing a wall a couple feet away. Do some push-ups, with palms flat, and notice the effort involved in doing so. Now, come up onto your fingertips, activating your hands as if you are grasping a grapefruit (or an orange if you have smaller hands) in each hand. On the push-up part of the exercise (where your body moves away from the wall), try to pull the wall towards you as you come up. It’s as if you were gripping the wall through your fingers on the way up, which may take a few tries to get it correct. It should feel much easier to do than the standard push-up. Go back and forth between the two methods to really notice the difference. Got it? Congratulations, you are now using your fascia to your benefit!

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