Hellerwork Theme Month: Reaching Out

March 21, 2011

This month is focused on doing what nature is doing all around us, reaching out and taking in. During winter, most plants retreat, dropping leaves and focusing on their root growth. Come spring time, they begin to reach out and take in the warmer sun falling on their new leaves.

Mention “New Year’s Resolutions” and you’re likely to hear groans. And for good reason…the deep of winter in January is not the best time of year for a “fresh start”. Tulips have a better idea because they wait until spring to start again. So if you’ve frustrated yourself over and over with resolutions, try now, as the spirit of spring will be with you.

Remember that your body is an expression of what you think and feel. Focus your attention on desired thoughts and feelings and your body will start to change. You can also change how you move…integrated movement helps inform your body of new possibilities. Examples of integrated movement include yoga, Tai Chi, qi gong and Feldenkrais.

Do your shoulders, arms or hands feel constantly tired or sore? Then you’re probably using them inefficiently. Just as a professional baseball pitcher uses his whole body to hurl that fastball, you can do the same thing (on a more subtle scale) typing at your computer, making dinner or brushing your teeth. Try this exercise to get a feel for it.

Integrated Movement Exercise for your Arms:

You’ll need a partner for this one, so get a friend or co-worker to join you.

Part A:

Do a bit of role-play and imagine this person is the interviewer for a new job you really want. If you have any constricting emotion involved (such as fear, excitement, dread) notice how your body feels. Where does it feel tight? From this place, approach the person, as if for the first time and shake their hand. Notice the path way from your hand up to your shoulder to your chest…what does this feel like? What do your feet, legs and spine feel like?

Part B:

Back up and shake it all off to start over. This time, act as if you’ve already been hired for the job, even though this is still the interview. Shake hands again. Notice the same hand to chest pathway and compare sensation to Part A. Also, what do your feet, legs and spine feel like?

Hint: Try this exercise and after doing an activity you do regularly, such as using the computer. After you’ve done the exercise a couple times, go back to the computer and notice the difference!

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