What Hellerwork Is

Hellerwork is a powerful system of somatic education and structural bodywork, based on the inseparability of body, mind, and spirit. Following Ida Rolf’s lineage of Structural Integration bodywork, Joseph Heller incorporated movement education/awareness and body-centered human development processes creating Hellerwork.

Deep tissue bodywork combined with movement education and dialogue of the mind/body connection guides you to new options, both physically and emotionally. Hellerwork encourages you to make the connection between movement and body alignment. Hellerwork restores your body's natural balance from the inside out.

During the 11 section series, the structural balance of your body is realized through the systematic release and reorganization of muscle and connective tissue using a variety of deep-tissue bodywork techniques. When your body comes into alignment within the field of gravity chronic pain and tension dissipate. A comfortable sense of support replaces the stress and strain of carrying your body through life.

Movement education is incorporated to enhance fluidity and ease of motion and helps you develop a deeper awareness of your body and its expression in the world.

Self-awareness facilitated through dialogue is an important component of the Hellerwork series. As your body releases patterns of tension and stress, new options of support and fluidity become available. Emotionally, new options also become available. Guided dialogue enhances a deeper awareness of your emotional and cultural patterns allowing for choice and change.

Hellerwork is based on the assumption that every person is innately healthy. Your results are maximized by creating a deeper experience of the integrity in your body, your movement, and in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

What to expect in a Hellerwork Session

Sessions start with a check-in to discuss how your body has been assimilating the work, what changes you have noticed, and what is getting your attention in the moment. This followed by an assessment of your structure and movement patterns. The practitioner utilizes this information to individualize the session to address your particular needs.

The bodywork is received primarily while lying on a massage table, although seated and standing work may be included. Hellerwork generally feels like slow deep pressure followed by a pleasant sense of ease and release. As a client you may be asked to make slow movements while the practitioner guides the tissue, releasing patterns of strain and tension. Sensations may range from pleasure to temporary discomfort depending on the condition of the tissue. Hellerwork practitioners are skilled in working sensitively with you to determine an appropriate level of pressure, depth, and speed.

An important part of the session involves movement education and body/mind awareness. The Dialogue component of a Hellerwork session helps to enhance your awareness of the inseparable connection of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Movement exercises are designed and taught to meet your individual needs. Proper mechanics involved in walking, sitting and standing are emphasized.

In general, clients report feeling a sense of lightness, length, and well being upon completion of a session. The release and rebalancing of your structure will continue between sessions. Your body continues to integrate your new found awareness, new relationship with gravity, new way of being and a sense of “excellence with ease”.

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I sit in a chair and work on a computer for work. When my shoulder pain started (I diagnosed it as 'mouse shoulder), I looked for ways to feel better naturally. I won a gift certificate for an initial consultation with Jason. I went to the first meeting now knowing what to expect. I didn't know anything about Hellerwork. After learning about the treatment, I was attracted to the holistic process. After just a few sessions, my shoulder pain was gone. Jason also gave me practical exercises in which I could apply right away. I am more conscious of my actions and how they are going to affect my mind and body over time. This helps me make better decisions every day. Jason is very caring and gentle. While you are in the room, you are the only person that matters. I felt like he was genuinely invested in my health.

Rebecca Christianson, Software Program Manager