Finding Your Shoulder Freedom

Your shoulders are a key to a sense of feeling really free. That feeling of feeling light and free, even when things are stressful. Or maybe your body knows the stress but your mind thinks, “Ah, no big deal, I’m fine.”

To feel free, your ribcage really needs to move easily, so that your lungs can take in, freely, all the good fresh air they could want. If your lungs can’t do that, that might leave you feeling tired, overworked, anxious, depressed, to name a few. And your muscles will have to work harder than they would like to. Which can lead to fatigue or otherwise feeling ‘overworked’.

So the shoulders are a good place to start cultivating this sense of freedom. Watch the video below and then leave a comment to share your experience of how it feels for you.

10 Responses

  1. Good exercise. Thank you. In my struggle with PTSD I really learned the value of deep breathing to restore emotional balance. This adds an extra dimension.

  2. Great exercise! After a long day of making candles and extracting honey I was pretty tight in the shoulders.
    Did the exercise and noticed a lot of difference–way more relaxed now!

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