"Months later, I still feel relaxed, creative, and alive."
"Jason is an incredible healer. He has allowed me to reconnect with my body, and heal deep wounding on a foundational level, due to his integrity of touch and reverent way of being as a practitioner. I continue to experience foundational shifts towards more fluidity, ease and embodiment as Jason works on me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jason!"
"During a time of injury, I turned to Jason Rumohr for relief from the pain. Not only did I experience less pain, my entire body realigned, which allowed me to function more efficiently; colleagues even commented on my structure looking more relaxed and symmetrical. I need my instrument to function properly as a dancer, and the deep and deliberate body work Jason does helped me on every level."
"When I first started seeing Jason, I had chronic pain in my shoulder, neck and arm from constant computer use, as well as long-standing back and foot pain. Within a couple of sessions, the shoulder/arm pain - which I was concerned was going to start impacting my job - was gone, and over time, the back and foot pain that I'd had for decades disappeared as well. Just as importantly as the pain relief, though, Jason taught me to see my body differently. Through Hellerwork, I have a better sense of how I inhabit my body, and feel more in touch with it. Jason also helped me to see how things in my emotional life were reflected in my body, and how closely the two are related. I definitely feel that the money and time I've put towards Hellerwork has been very well spent."
"When we first started, my shoulder pain was an excruciating 10 on the scale, but by the end there was nearly no pain at all. I am now more aware of my body, how it moves and reacts with everyday life."
"My posture is the best it has been my whole life."
"Part of what made the sessions so good for me was to notice how Jason was able to “read” where my body was bound up. I was able to realize how connected my entire body is."
Mary Lou
"The sessions themselves were very relaxing and comforting. Ultimately though, the results changed my life in terms of a renewed activity level."
"My body is in much better shape than it was before the sessions. I actually had pretty bad recurring back pain in my younger years. There is no question that you have done great things for my nervous system for which I am very grateful!"
A happy client
"Working at a computer for the last 10 years, coupled with soft tissue injuries sustained in a car accident almost 14 years ago, have taken a toll on my posture and general sense of well-being. Luckily, I met Jason and under his care and guidance, I rediscovered my "center." I'd experienced many "Aha!" moments during and between sessions with him. His methods are thought-provoking, body-changing and life-altering. I no longer feel "out of balance." And although it's been months since completing Jason's healing program, his ideas still resonate strongly and I find myself continually striving to improve."
"I now feel less pain and more flexibility. A sense of well being."
A happy client
"Stress and life style have a terrible tendency to bother my back. Hellerwork released my muscles and tenderness. During the session while Jason is working on the soft tissue to remove contractions, he also make sure that early on that I am comfortable, continuing to breathe and release tension. Jason makes me part of the experience, and that's one of my favorite parts. My body feels free of pain and my mind is light. The good feeling does last! My body remembers the new balance and replacement, my brain has room for creativity and my energy level is high. I leave the cozy room resourced. I sleep like a baby and the next day is even better, my body keeps the excellent liveliness, my self esteem is higher and my wellbeing at its top! Viva Hellerwork!"
"Who doesn’t enjoy having someone take an interest in your aches and pains and help you to feel better, move better, live better?"
"I sit in a chair and work on a computer for work. When my shoulder pain started (I diagnosed it as 'mouse shoulder), I looked for ways to feel better naturally. I won a gift certificate for an initial consultation with Jason. I went to the first meeting now knowing what to expect. I didn't know anything about Hellerwork. After learning about the treatment, I was attracted to the holistic process. After just a few sessions, my shoulder pain was gone. Jason also gave me practical exercises in which I could apply right away. I am more conscious of my actions and how they are going to affect my mind and body over time. This helps me make better decisions every day. Jason is very caring and gentle. While you are in the room, you are the only person that matters. I felt like he was genuinely invested in my health."
"I had a badly sprained ankle…the work helped so much that I decided to continue with the body work and found relief from long-lasting pain in my hips and lower back."
"I always feel extremely grounded after a session and my body feels more fluid."
"I went from experiencing moderate to severe back pain on a daily basis to now having just minor pain some days of the week to even pain free days!"
"Finding a new sense of balance - it's a wellspring of energy! Even with the best training and exercise, we slow surrender range of motion to muscle imbalance, tension and eventually pain. Our resting posture becomes pulled around and less efficient, and then we move through all of life's activities with all those deviations. After a session with Jason, I have returned to a balanced neutral. All my muscles and tendons feel like they can move efficiently together as a team. The snags and snarls of tension, contraction and blocked energy are undammed."
"The work we did helped me get to know my body a lot better. You also taught me many ways to help with muscle tension and other issues."
"My pain is gone and my posture is so much better."