Your cranky tight neck could be hiding a hidden gem (the Wise Owl)

If you’ve got a stiff or tight neck, this moving meditation can help.

This slow motion can relieve chronic tension from your neck, eyes, back, and shoulders.

It gets down into the deep sea-bottom levels of your nervous system to re-program your posture and tension patterns.

Spend a few minutes every day doing this and you should notice lasting improvement in as little as a week or two.

As a side-benefit, it can help you tap into your deep wisdom. From my perspective, many of us get stuck in a pattern in which we jut our heads forward and this locks your thought processes in a tiny box. If you’ve ever wanted to ‘think outside of the box’, but couldn’t, the tension pattern in your neck and head are part of the problem. Instead of trying to change your thinking, change your posture through movement. Part of wisdom is being able to see the bigger picture and a stuck forward-head posture keeps you from seeing more than what’s right in front of you.

The motion is also known in the Qigong traditions as “Wise Owl Gazes Behind”.

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