So, two tennis balls walked into a sock…

Shortly after the pandemic began, I invested in all sorts of new body tools. New foam rollers, balls of all sizes and density and “peanut rollers”. They all are great tools, but many are rather specialized. Who wants yet another gadget sitting around that never gets used?

Invigorate your spine with the peanut roller

So after more experimenting with all these tools, I found that the biggest-bang-for-your-buck is the peanut roller. Many of the more specialized tools are truly great, but I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the peanut roller. It easily releases tension and soothes out cranky areas of your body — and it feels good!

Now you can certainly go out and buy a dedicated peanut roller, like the one pictured above, but you don’t need to.

All you need is an old sock and a couple of tennis balls. Stuff both of them down into the toe of the sock, then tie a knot to hold them in place. I’ll show you exactly how to do this in the video below.

Now what do you do with it? Lots of things! However, you can learn how to do one of my favorites for releasing tension and improving mobility from your back, by watching the video:

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