Three Simple Tools to Bring Fresh Movement, Energy and Feeling in Your Shoulders

If one or both of your shoulders are feeling tired, weak, tight or even a bit painful, I’d like to show you a few tips to help them start to turn towards health. You most likely have some stuck or tight fascia in muscles that connect to your shoulders.

All you need is a tennis ball. Borrow one from your dog, if you have to. Or ask your tennis-playing friends for an old ball or two.

Now if you’ve got any serious concern for your shoulder, such as a lot of pain or have had surgery recently, please first consult with your health care provider.

The tips I show you in the video below will help you release stuck fascia in some of the most common places I’ve found that people get tight. It will not only release your fascia, but will also improve the functioning of your nervous system, which is key to long-term change.

After you’ve tried one or more of these fascial releases, would you like to leave a comment below? I’d love to hear what you’re noticing now.

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