Release Tension in Your Shoulders, Back and Neck with a Tennis Ball

If you find yourself constantly shrugging your shoulders or asking a friend to rub them, I think you’re going to enjoy this fascia-releasing exercise. Tension in the upper shoulder or back area can be due to lots of things –  such as shoveling snow, computer use or general poor posture.

You’ll do some warm-up movements, then we’ll bring in the tennis ball to add to movement to create some gentle yet satisfying fascial release. It will bring fresh movement, blood flow and help built-up toxins to mosey on out of your shoulders, neck and upper back.

After you’ve given it a try, please leave a comment below and let me know what you’re feeling in your body now.

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  1. Hey Jason. Totally excellent exercise. Thank you! A sensation of—Brand new! Head. Neck. Shoulders. Blood flowing in and more freedom of movement.
    I miss you. Happy Spring is coming!

    1. Yay for sensations of brand new and blood flowing back in!

      It’s been a several months since you wrote this. If you are still using this exercise, what are you noticing these days?

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