Strong Shoulders – the Tai Chi Way

If your shoulders often bother you, such as aches and pains, you’re probably over-using them. Today I’ll show you how to strengthen them through Tai Chi.

Now if you’re in serious pain, such as being unable to use your arm or having sharp, stabbing pain, then please first go see your medical provider.

However, if you’re simply uncomfortable or don’t feel your best, today’s lesson can help.

I’m not going to teach you how to strengthen your shoulders through conventional wisdom. There’s no push-ups or pull-ups involved. Instead, you’ll learn to FIRST use the real power in your legs and then make some small adjustments in your upper back to create stronger shoulders.

If you’re used to just “powering through” and are getting tired of that, then you might like to give this practice a try.

Do you want to get really good and strong in your shoulders in the tai chi way? Then consider joining my annual Tai Chi class – on Zoom and via class recordings. It started November 1st, but it’s not too late to join and catch up. Details can be found here.

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