How to Easily Move Your Hips to Create Staying Power For Winter Fun

In my last post, we explored shoulder freedom. But in order for your shoulders to be truly free, they need the friend you’re probably sitting on right now – your pelvis. Your physical power (and feeling powerful) is all thanks to your pelvis. From a Tai Chi perspective, your power starts in your feet, where they connect to the ground. But at that point, it’s just power, like energy stored in a battery.

What good is that power if you can’t do anything with it? To harness it, it needs to travel up your legs and then your pelvis transforms it into something useful. The brilliant design of the pelvis (and all the soft tissues connected to it) helps direct this physical energy back through your legs, up your spine, through your ribcage, out your arms and hands and also up into your head, jaw and face.

So whether you’re Nordic skiing or walking the beach this winter, feeling that power move through you will help keep you movin’ and groovin’ longer.

Most of us are “stuck” or tight in our hips and don’t even know it. This exercise is both a way to test and to reap rewards. If you can make a nice smooth circle, at increasingly slower speeds, you’ve got it! If not, then without enough freedom in your pelvis, you’re literally working way way WAY too hard! You’re working too hard just to walk, to prepare a meal, to ski or do just about anything. It’s a bit like driving your car on the highway, but keeping one foot on the brake at the same time.

There are almost countless ways to ‘unstick’ a tight pelvis. This is one of favorites because it’s so simple. Watch the video below, give the exercise a try and leave a comment below to let me know how you feel after doing it.

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  1. I think that it got me in touch with how tired i was so i am off to bed. I will try it again soon and see what that does for me. thanks Jason. M

  2. Hey thanks, Jason. I included this in winter exercise class with the residents at Jamie’s Place and Mountainview before Covid shutdowns. I liked it for myself as well but have forgotten about it without the exercise classes. Thanks for the reminder : ). Susan

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